Research Group

Research group meeting a great success

Suzy Bowers

The March meeting of the Lysaght Research group was well attended and proved a platform for lively debate as members shared their findings and , as usual, every new discovery lead us to to yet more questions!

The group was treated to a wonderful and very moving presentation about Samuel Berry MM from Alan Coombs. Alan set the scene for his talk on Samuel by taking us through the family's journey from the Black Country to Newport and the circumstances leading to Sam's enlistment.

We were then treated to a rollercoaster journey through the war, following Sam's movements through a fascinating series of postcards to and from the front. Sam was there and thereabouts for many of the major actions of the war including the Somme and the Third Battle of Ypres, he eventually died of wounds sustained at a canal crossing at the Battle of Cambrai in 1917.

Following on from Alan, Stephen Berry took the stage and shared some thoughts around the research that he has begun into the streets of 'Lysaghtstown'.

Leaning on skills honed as a statistical analyst, Steven has begun to look at some of the streets close to Lysaght Works in an attempt to uncover the stories of the families left behind when the men went to war and how life was affected.

Another facet of Stephen's research is an analysis of the origins of the families that gravitated to the Orb Works and the potential routes that they may have taken as they arrived from the Black Country.